German surname SCHWEHN
I know there is also SWEHN (like: Letters of a German American Farmer. Juernjakob Swehn Travels to America) and it reminds me of SVEN. It should be German, but I don't know its meaning.
Can anybody help?
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My wife is Norwegian, so I have some interest here ...I would definitely conclude that it is related to Sven. Regional spellings and pronunciations often throw us off, but frequently it is just a substitution of several letters whose histories are entwined. The first name of the man you cited, Juernjakob, reflects a definite regionalism. I’d suspect that the name is actually from a combination name of: and Jacob.German is related to the Scandinavian languages though more closely related to English and Dutch. So if I were you, I’d check Sven in the First Name database at:
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