Origin of "Kottenstette"
Ok, I'm basically wondering what sort of ethnic origin the name 'Kottenstette' has. The family has pretty much a mix of everything as far as ethnic lineage goes, so I'm pretty lost there. Thanks.
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Your surname is quite rare, but it's originally from Germany, no doubt about that. 'Kottenstette' can be parted into kotte and stette . Now i was sure it was German, but it was very difficult to find the meaning of kotte ; stette means 'place' and is from statt or stätte .

i finally found it in a judicial dictionary of the German language (judicial, of all places!). well, kotte is a small farmyard, smaller than a hof or a erbe . thus, it is a tiny piece of land, you could say. Kottenstette is thus a place of several of such pieces of land.
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Ah! Thank you *hugs* much appreciated.
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