danish surnames: Poulsen, Praest, Laudrup
Could anybody tell me the meaning of these danish surnames?

Thank you
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Poulsen means 'son of Poul' and Poul is the Danish form of Paul.

Praest (or Präst, as they write it) means 'apple' in Danish

Laudrup i can't find, but it is also written as Lautrup. i thought, the Danish language being related to the German, that it might mean "loud call" (which in German would be: laut Ruf), but it would not make sense and i checked an online dictionary and it wasn't try, so it seems. Laut or Lauth is also a Danish surname on itself. you could try look further on that. And -rup could be the same as strup , which is a common ending in Danish, but i haven;t found out what it means yet.
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From my Norwegian dictionary ...sort of an educated guess, but 'laud' can mean first or primary and the 'rup' or 'drup' looks like it could be a form of 'thorpe' which is a farm ...
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