surnames HELTAI and TICHY
The first one is Hungarian, rather rare, The other one is Bohemian.
Could anyone tell me the meaning of both of them.

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Tichá Noc is the name of a song and it means 'silent night'. Ticho means 'silence' in the Czech language. Well, the surname Tichy is also an Italian surname, which created confusion, but this Italian surname with variants Tecchio and Ticchini and many more is highly likely a patronym meaning 'son of Ticho', where Ticho is a firstname derived from the greek tychon , which means 'coincidentially, perhaps'. I don't think these surnames are related to each other, although it's possible that the Czechoslovak surname Tichy (it is also used in Slovakia) could mean 'son of Ticho'. But ticho means 'silence' in the Czech (and Slovak) language. Tichy might mean 'from Ticha', where there could be referred to the river Ticha (Orlice). It might also mean 'from silence' or 'silent'.

Some links:
(about the Italian surname Tichy)
(links that prove that ticha means 'silent')

About the rivers Ticha Orlice and Divoka Orlice:
(this link shows that Ticha Orlice means 'silent eagle' and that Divoka Orlice means 'fierce eagle')

note: Divoka is also used as a firstname, with the same meaning off course.
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Thank you very much for your response.
For Heltai I think it is almost impossibile since hungarian surnames are difficult to fond out.
So the nearest italian surname to Tichy could be SILENZI a very local surname.
Among the others I knew TECCHI. This surname from VITERBO near Rome it is quite known in Literary world because of Bonaventura TECCHI an Italian writer (1896-1968).

Thank you again.

Mino Sagani
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