Some swedish surnames
Could anyone tell me the meaning of the following swedish surnames:

Thank you for your help

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About Stenmark:
Well, Tungsten means 'heavy stone' in Swedish, so sten is 'stone'. Mark means 'ground, piece of land'. This i found on a site about elements in Norwegian surnames. Still, Norwegian and Swedish can differ quite a lot and this, apart from berg , was the only element i could find on the site which was alike.

About Kindvall:
Using an online dictionary, vall was 'dike, embankment', which seems true, and kind means 'cheek'. Well, the latter seems rather awkward in this case, but maybe there was another meaning that isn't included in the dictionary.

About Strindberg:

Stendur æva = Stand never
strind né röull, = land nor radiance,

the above text is taken from a poem from the following website:

As you can see, strind means 'land'. Berg means 'mountain', also found on the Norwegian site. Strindberg means thus something like 'land of the mountain' or 'mountain land', a surname originating from a mountainous area, which leaves many options open in Sweden, a mountainous country from Stockholm up to the north, especially near the border with Norway (at the west).

About Hamrin:
Hamr is the same as hamm or hamn , meaning 'harbour, haven'. This surname has also the variants Hammrin, Hammin, Hamin, and even Hamnrin (although only two pages at, so it's rare). First i saw this wrong, taking apart ham from rin , but then i had to think about Dahlin and Brolin, the surnames of two wellknown Swedish soccer players and i realized that Dahlin is dahl + in and that i had to part Hamrin as hamr + in. Well, hamr is the same as hamn , like i said and -in means highly likely 'from':

Dahlin: from Dahl, where dahl is a valley
I tried Sundin, Bergin, Lundin and Holmin and they all exist and Sund, Berg, Lund and Holm are all four nature-related places (sund = strait, like the strait of Gibraltar; berg = mountain; lund = grove; dahl = valley; holm = island). It is not that it only goes with such words, because i also found Kjellin and kjell means 'kettle, cauldron'.
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