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Subject: Doherty/Docherty/Dockerty?
Author: Malea Elizabeth *   (Authenticated as pixiedust86)
Date: October 17, 2006 at 10:29 AM

So I took my father's last name when i was born "Morrison" my mother's last name is Dockerty it was orginally spelt Docherty but her grandfather added the k instead of the h to make it sound more scottish I have been thinking what about have a hypenated last name i know some people do that there was a girl i went to school with her name name was Firth-Tessier and another Booie-Pope I was thinking I do plan on changing my first and middle legally in the future but not right now... but what if i took my mother's last name on it would have more family connection because the name i have is more on the Morrison side than the Dockerty side. WDYT? would it be too must i'd probally go the tradition way Docherty-Morrison or Doherty-Morrison. I need to hear some oppinion on this im not quite serious about it yet it's only a thought.

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