I've asked this before, but...Karkut?
I've asked this here before, but lost track of the thread.

Does anyone know what 'Karkut' means? It is Polish.

Thank you.
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Well, i looked in the archives of 2003 and found the original thread, but it had only one response of no use. The person asked if you mean Karkut or Karkurt. Now, i can tell you that Karkurt is Turkish, so we won't talk about that.

This link takes very long to load!

On this link i found that karkut is an Armenian word meaning 'hail' as in the hail related to the weather. This is probably a coincidence.

However, i found a site with Jewish surnames in Poland (in a certain place in this case) with the surname Karkutski. Then i found out that the word kirkut is the common word in Polish for a Jewish cemetary. The surname Karkut must be a Jewish surname.

Also, Kirkute is used in Estland and Kirkutis in Lithuania.
The meaning is thus 'Jewish cemetary' probably.
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Thank you very much. I must say though, this is a bit unusual, as my grandfather is Catholic. Perhaps someone converted along the way in his family.
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