Subject: Re: Sabadino
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: October 22, 2006 at 5:46 PM
Reply to: Sabadino by The LP

Didn't see anything on a quick glance, but I'd suspect it's related to "Sabbath" ...

From an etymology site ...Sabbath
O.E. sabat "Saturday," observed by the Jews as a day of rest, from L. sabbatum, from Gk. sabbaton, from Heb. shabbath, prop. "day of rest," from shabath "he rested." The Babylonians regarded seventh days as unlucky, and avoided certain activities then; the Jewish observance may have begun as a similar custom. From the seventh day of the week, it began to be applied c.1410 to the first day (Sunday), a change completed during the Reformation. The original meaning is preserved in Sp. Sabado, It. Sabbato, and other languages' names for "Saturday." Hung. szombat, Rus. simbata, Fr. samedi, Ger. Samstag "Saturday" are from V.L. sambatum, from Gk. *sambaton, a vulgar nasalized variant of sabbaton.

I'd only add that the suffix -ino is frequent in Italian and is a dimunitive ...meaning son of, descended of, etc.

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