origin of the name Ornelas
hi. my last name is ornelas. my roots are portuguese but i've been told this isn't a portuguese name at all. does anyone know where the name comes from?
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Hi very distant relative. From what I understand, there are Portuguese Ornelas, and Spanish Ornelas. But from what I understand and after have done a lot of research, I believe it comes from Galicia (Spain), just north of the Portuguese border. That's why they're both countryman which the same last name. Regards.
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One thing to say is that generally ash-trees in Italy il less common than we think. The "ornello" in Italian is a sort of ash, but it is not really an ash-tree.
In spanish the ash-trees are called "fresnos" there not any word "ornello" in Spain.
In Italy surnames derived from "frassino" are always local or regional they do not exist in Southern Italy:
See surnames like:


See spanish surnames from "fresno"

All catalan variants: Freixe, Freixa, Frexa, Fraixeda,etc
Galician variants: Frege, Freijo, Fregenal, etc

Possibly there two italian variants , from "ornus":
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you have the same IP address as Isabel Ornelas, so are you her husband or brother or something alike? Or are you playing a game here?

About Ornelas:
Ornelas means 'son of Ornelo'. Ornelo is a variant of Ornello, with the female variant Ornella. The meaning of Ornello is 'flowering ash tree'.

The following link is about that firstname:

P.S. There is a San Ornel(l)o, thus a saint, but i couldn;t find a patron saint in the database of Catholic patron saints at www.catholic-forum.com
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thank you for the information. and no, i'm not playing a game, but happen to be isabel's cousin - our fathers are brothers. she was actually the person who told me of this site.
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According to the spanish dictionary of surnames of Gutierre Tibon this surname should come from a name of a place "Ornelas" it is a town or a village near LUGO (Spain).
The italian first name Ornella has been invented recently by Gabriele D'Annunzio, so I am not sure that Ornelas cold come from this name.

Anyhow Ornelas or Ornellas exists mainly in Spain and South America, in Portugal it is extremely rare.
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if Ornella is invented, howcome there is a San Ornello and even a namesday after a saint called like that? Saints just don't pop up. Most of them are ages old.
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sorry a mistake...(m)there is no nameday for Ornello, but there is a saint Ornel(l)o and, especially in Italy there are many surnames like Ornelli, Oranelli and Orneli, all suggesting 'son of Ornello' or Oranello and Ornelo and those are also firstnames if u search on them at Google.com. Thus, i don't think Oranello is a new recent name. About those villages called Ornelas, they either refer to the first inhabitant of the village or to 'flowering ash trees' in the area. So the meaning is the same overall. The origin is still inconclusive.
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