Subject: Re: Meaning of Poleio
Author: M.Sagani   (guest)
Date: November 7, 2006 at 8:37 AM
Reply to: Meaning of Poleio by Surname: Poleio

I can't find this surname in Italy at the moment: probably it is ended as it happened to many old surnames in Italy, for many reasons, during the last decades.
This surname is still beared in the States, but extremely rare: Arizona, Alabama and Connecticut.
Just one Poleio landed in New York according to Ellis Island site:
Salvatore Poleio coming from a place of Southern Italy spelt wrongly that could be NARDODIPACE near CATANZARO, in Calabria region.
This surnames sounds a bit greek as many others calabrian surnames: it looks a bit like a greek surname PALAIOS.
the nerest italian surnames are POLI and POLO derivedfrom the given name Paolo (Paul).

I ignore what could be the original meaning of it

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