Subject: Re: Origins?
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: November 15, 2006 at 6:32 PM
Reply to: Origins? by C. Woloszyn

Polish spelling of a Ukrainian and Jewish ethnic or regional name for someone from Wallachia. Compare Voloshin.

Ukrainian and Jewish (from Ukraine): ethnic or regional name from Ukrainian voloshin ‘person from Wallachia’.

Not positive, but my suspicion it derives from the same Germanic root that gives us the word "Wales" ...meaning "foriegner" ...

From Wikipedia ...

The name Wallachia, generally not used by Romanians themselves (but present in some contexts as Valahia or Vlahia), is derived from the Valachs - a word of German origin also present as the Slavic Vlachs - used by foreigners in reference to Romanians (see also: History of the term Vlach).

For long periods before the 14th century, Wallachia was referred to as Vlashko by Bulgarian sources (and Vlashka by Serbian sources). The traditional Hungarian name for Wallachia is Havasalföld, or literally "Snowy Lowlands" (the older form is Havaselve, which means "Land beyond the snowy mountains"). The name Ungrovlahia ("Hungarian Wallachia"), mostly used in an Orthodox Church context to refer to the Metropolitan seat, denotes the neighbourhood position in regard to the Hungarian Kingdom, meaning "Wallachia near Hungarian Kingdom". In Ottoman Turkish and Turkish, Eflak, a word derived from "Vlach", is used.

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