the meaning of the name Hemmig
I'm trying to find the meaning of the last name Hemmig. Ancesters came from Switzerland in the 1700's.
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Hi Angela, are you still looking for info on Hemmig from Switzerland? I am descended from Hemmig/Switzerland and have a family tree from my grandfather that goes back to the 1500s. If so I can email to you. Email me at
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My understanding is that the name is a middle european derivation likely German. We have family bibles from the early 1700's. All written in German...3 of them showing Berlin as the location of our branch of the family tree.
For some further genealogy information...our family history shows the Reading, PA area as the family's American roots.
The first American references are from a 30 year later time period. Our sources are newspaper clippings and a hand written family genealogy written by my great, great grandfather William A Hemmig - origin late 1860's.
His father - Benjamin W Hemmig was born on 1/25/1806 near Gouglersville, PA; and his son Benjamin F Hemmig (born 11/19/1831) was the local postmaster, general store operator, Justice of the Peace in Cumru, and founder of a cemetery company, he died 4/27/1882.
His son William Albert Hemmig (born 6/24/1858) moved to Toledo, Ohio where his son Charles Hemmig (1886-1956) gave birth to my father Melvin R Hemmig (1906-1973).
All my family references by conversations and folk lore were German, although my grandfather Charlie always said he was "Pennsylvania Dutch"!!

Hope this helps.
Ray Hemmig
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Ray, you are my 3rd cousin.
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Hi Zaden, are you still researching the Hemmig name. I have a family tree back to Switzerland if you would like to have it.
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Benjamin F. Hemmig's had another son, Benjamin L., who had a son, Arthur, who had my grandpa, Elwood Hemmig
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Do you know my grandma?My grandma is named Arlene hemmig and my sadly deciced grandpa Elwood hemmig. I was wondering if you know them. Thanks Zaden Mershon/Hemmig
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In my opinion if this surname is a variant pf Hemming it could be a locative surname. Anyhow this surname still exists in Switzerland but it is quite rare. Look at the international white pages.
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Hemmig shares the same origin as the Dutch surnames Hemminga and Hemmes and the Scandinavian surname Hemming. In fact, it partly has the same root as Hemingway.

The following link leads to a website with more information:

Best is to look at the surname Hemming, because Hemingway has also the component way . In short, Hemingr is an ancient Scandinavian firstname and Hemmig means you're ancestor beared that name. Hemingway means 'road to Hemming', i.e. 'road to the place where Hemming lives'.
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