Subject: Re: Fies & Reinhardt
Author: Jim Young   (guest)
Date: November 29, 2006 at 11:54 AM
Reply to: Fies & Reinhardt by CarolineLindberg

First Reinhardt - certainly not exclusively Jewish, may not be Jewish at all. There was a well known figure of the Austrian theatre called Max Reinhardt. He was Jewish but Reinhardt was not his original name. The French guitarist, Django Reinhardt, was a manouche gypsy. There is a whole musical clan of Gypsy Reinhardts.

Fies - I don't know this name but I've a sneaking suspicion it might be German. Albert Dauzat, in his dictionary of French names, gives Fié and Fiez, both surnames from an old latin name, Fidolus, which derives from fides, "faith". I don't think these names are common.

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