Last Name Change
This is a different request than the other posts here but I figured I’d give it a try.

Is there an individual or service that I can contact about finding the most fitting and appropriate last name to replace my last name. I would like the new name to be more Americanized either by having it converted to English or adopt a new one?

My last name was randomly picked when I immigrated to the US and not truly a surname since that concept is not used in the Middle East?

I am going to legally change it so I am working with an attorney about the legal steps but needed advice of a professional who is able to better use their experience and knowledge on how best to go about identifying the most appropriate name since that will affect me and my family going forward.

Thank You
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I don't know for sure, but in my country you have to pay for every letter that you change. If this is the case in the USA too, then i would advice you to choose an English surname that is much alike Hassan, like Hasley, Hess or Gossan. If not, then choose whatever you like, either with the same beginning letter or not.
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I was thinking about that. We saw Hansen, Hanson, Hansson, etc. but the problem is that these names are easily known to be from a certain ethnic place.

Given that this choice will be a life changing event for me and my family I want feel comfertable I explored all options.

The cost is the same not matter the number of letters. In USA the legal steps are the same either way.
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How about these:


Andy ;—)
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Thanks but I am going to take this as a joke :)

I'll use them for potential passwords

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You are right, anagrams are usually a bit of fun. But some people have taken them more seriously - if they were better than the ones I suggested. I wouldn't use them as passwords, though, that's too easy.

I wish you all the best in finding the name that really fits (seriously).

Andy ;—)
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