Origin of the name Thust
Does anyone know anything about the surname Thust? I'm not sure if it's French or German. Also not sure if it is my ancestor's true surname or if he "borrowed" it from someone else. Any help would be appreciated.
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From what I researched, I believe it's German. But I was unable to find a meaning. As I know 'Th' and 'd' are often interchangeable, I searched for 'Dust' and got ...dust
English: from Old English dust ‘dust’, applied as a nickname, possibly for someone with a dusty complexion or hair (as, for example, a miller), or for a worthless person.
North German: possibly a Westphalian habitational name from a farm named with dost ‘bush’, ‘brush’. However, the word also means ‘fine dust’, ‘flour’ and may have been applied as an occupational nickname for a miller. Compare 1.I'm not sure it's applicable, but the best I could do ...
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