Reda surname
I was wondering if anyone out there might know the history behind this surname. Any response is appreciated
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could you tell more about the background? because it is an Italian surname, but also an Egyptian/Arabic surname and even an ancient variant of the surname Reid/Read. I found also Reda's in Germany, but they might be Italians residing there (they had German firstnames, but that doesn;t mean anything nowadays).
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Reda is a sicilian or most probably a calabrian surname.
Some sicilian surnames are of arabic orgin like for instance:
MULE' or RAIS. Sicily has been dominated by Arabians for many centuries that's why sicilian dialects has been influenced by Arabic.
In Sicily the Etna volcano is also called "Mongibeddu" a word half latin and half arabic (gebel? mountain in Arabic).
But Reda is also a spanish surname, and some sicilian and calbrian surnames come from spanish too.
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I guess the Spanish Reda is a variant of Rueda?
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Difficult tp say!Me I wonder to HEREDA, but i am not sure!
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