Breton surnames?
I'm writing a story, and I would like a character to be of Breton wthnicity, but there are no Breton surnames on this sight. Can anybody find some? (I've searched on the internet to no avail).
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My family originates from the Breton region and my pepe still lives there. Common surnames include:Bréhat
Belle Île
Hoëdic And if your looking for the french equivalent of a double-barrelled surname: d'Arz.
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Here are a few for you to play with: Morvan, Hervé, Jézéquel, Jéquel, Giquel, Gicquel, (Le) Calvez, (Le) Calvès, (Le) Calvé, Le Bras, Le Meur ou Le Hir, Le Corre, Le Huitoux, Granic, Brignonen.
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You mean from Britanny (France)?
I peopose the following surnames:Bihan (short)
Le Goff (blacksmith)
Quemeneur (Taylor)
ScordiaI hope you like them!Regards
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There is a site, there are a couple of snags -
1 It's in French.
2 It only deals with surnames of Ouessant.
3 It includes some non-breton, mostly French, surnames.
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