swedish surnames JEPPSSON and PRYTZ
These surnames appears to be local but popular in sweden because of soccer.
Could anyone explain me please?

Thank you
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Jeppsson would be Swedish only and it means 'son of Jepp'. The firstname Jepp could be a pet form of Jesper, but i honestly don't know for sure.

About Prytz:

Den første Prytz av denne slekt i Norge var Johan Prytzer f. ca 1600, opprinnelig fra Tyskland. Ankommet til Kvikne i 1635 fra Fossum jernverk, hvor han var steigerstiger. Flyttet til Røros i 1671. Han var sjaktstiger i Solskinnsgruven. Johan Prytzer var gift med Barbro Iversdatter.

I translate the above text as accurate as i can:

The first Prytz in Norway was Johan Prytzer (not literally) round 1600, originally from Germany. Arriving in Kvikne in 1635....(the rest is not interesting for the answer on your question).

So now we know that Prytz was originally not a Scandinavian really, but has its roots in Germany and when you search for Prietz, you'll find that this is a German surname mostly.

Prietz, though, doesn't give too many results, but if you try Pritz, you'll find many more sites. The meaning i couldn't find at the moment, and it's late so i'm going to bed now, but i found two possibilities for you to look further on:

1) Pritz, a former name of the Slovakian town Prievidza, and there are some Pritz people in Slovakia.
2) Pritz as a variant of Britz, according to a site about coats of arms (you'll encounter it when you search at Google.com for 'pritz' 'meanin' and 'origin'.
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As far as I know, Jep is a short form of Jakob.
(Source: Seibicke, HDV)

Andy ;—)
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Hmm.. I think Jepp is a form of Jeppe which is a scandinavian form of Jesper..
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