polish surname WOJTYLA
Obviously this surname is very popular in roman catholic world and not only!
Apart from that, it really exists in Poland, France and USA (10 american states).
Could anyone explain me the original meaning?
Thank you.
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After reading Menke's great site on Slavic endings and one of my own Russian sites, I would guess that the root of this word, 'wo-' or 'vo-' is related to "war" ...so it possibly means something like "warrior" or "son of or related to war" ...just a guess ...

Menke, anything closer?
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that would be a very good guess, but according to the online dictionaries, war in Polish is wojna , warrior is wojowny and army is wojsko . The surname Wojdyla has the meaning that you suggested.

But apparently Wojtyla is not related to Wojdyla:

[...Wojtyl~a may come from that first name Wojciech, but it may also come from the noun wójt, an official in charge of a rural district...]

There are quite some Polish surnames starting with wojty . Wojciech has also a pet form: Wojtek. The yl is according to the same site apparently of no meaning (they don't mention it). Wojciech, by the way, means "joyful warrior", so you're right about woj- ('war, warrior').

this is the site:

the other site about Polish surnames was also from www.polishroots.org, so this seems a site to add to your list, it is very useful.
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