Romanian surnames Radu and Stoica
These are very important surnames in Romania.
Can you help me in finding the original meaning?

Thank you
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Radu :
a Romanian firstname, but also used as a patronymic surname (thus referring to the name of the father at the time surnames became standard). Follow the link for the meaning:

Stoica :

The Romanian word stoic has the same meaning as the English word stoic , both the noun and the adjective.

stoic :
c.1384, from L. stoicus, from Gk. stoikos "pertaining to a member of or the teachings of the school founded by Zeno (c.334-c.262 B.C.E.), characterized by austere ethical doctrines," lit. "pertaining to a portico," from stoa "porch," specifically the great hall in Athens (decorated with frescoes depicting the Battle of Marathon) where Zeno taught, from PIE *sta-/*sto- "stand." Meaning "person who represses feelings or endures patiently" first recorded 1579.

I don't know what the suffix -a means or if it has a meaning, but it is not really common in Romanian surnames. Most of them end with -u or -ea . I've found the surnames Stoicu and Stoicea as well, so i'm pretty sure that stoic is the basic root (the -u and -ea are common Romanian suffices). Stoicu would mean "the stoic" (could be both noun and adjective again: adj. = the stoic (person)).
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