Bertinelli, Boxleitner, & meanings
Bertinelli is Italian, Boxleitner is German, & Dussualt is French. Does anybody know the origins & meanings of these names ?
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I can't find the name in my books. But if you go by the sound, you get to Bocksleitner. Now BOCK is a ram, and Leitner may refer to a shepard (not very likely) or to a word meaning "slope of a hill". There are also several place-names Leit(h)en in Bavaria and Austria, so LEITNER may be taken from there.

There are also place-names starting with BUCHS-, which can go back to "Buchs" (box-tree; from Greek byxos).

Hope this helped more than it caused additional confusion.

Andy ;—)
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Berinelli is a variant of Berti, quite spread around Italy. They come fromgiben names like: Adalberto, Alberto, Roberto and so on. They are all names of german origin.
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