meaning of british surnames
Could anyone telle me the meaning of the following british surnames:

Thank you
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Shadlow may be from the surname Shardlow (also found in the Oxford Dictionary of English surnames which is a place name in Derbyshire.

Shardlow may also mean "shady lowland" too but I can't find my Dictionary of English Place names anywhere :(.

I hope this helps :)
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Oxford (place-names) says:

SHARDLOW, Derbys.: "mound with a notch or indentation"

Andy ;—)
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and that is pretty logical... shards are like notches and indentations... pointy... aren't they?
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The Oxford Dictionary of Surnames (1997) has:

BLISSET: "blessed"
HOGSFLESH: "hog's flesh", probably nickname for a butcher

It doesn't have SHADLOW, but various names beginning with SHAD-, and it's usually "shade", so "dweller in low shady land" would be a good guess.

Andy ;—)
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Blisset sounds like a french-made version of the word "bliss" and I make a guess that "shadlow" means "shady lowland"... Just guesses of course...
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