Disney comes from "De Isigney" a small village near Bayeaux in Normandy (where Walt placed the origin of his Mickey Mouse) but... What does Isigney means?
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Isigny could cpme frm a very old latin name "Isinius" apreroman name then latinized
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I only can find the name of ISIGNY sur MER in Normandy.
Disney is an Irish surname. Walt Disney's father was of irish descent.
in fact some american Disney came from Ireland. Tipperary?
Mr Foglai could explain!!
I do not know anything about Isigny are you sure?
There are quite a few Disney in America (This surname ranks 8400 in USA)
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From my Irish name book:

Disney: very rare, from Tipperary, but originally English brought to Ireland in the 17th Century. Likely originally from France, D'Isigny ...

I'd have to guess that it has a Latin root, possibly relate to the word insignia ...mean a sign or badge ...
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Excellent deduction... I can't see why I failed to realize that possibility... Insignia is seen in Spanish too with the same meaning you have given... most exactly; badge as a physical object in itself and as a metaphore of it... thanks
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No problem ...usually we help each other see the obvious ...it's happened numerous times to me!!!
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However..."Insignia" (insigne in French)< insignis (Latin).
There is an "n" missing, so the "D'Isigny" - insignia connection might be a bit of a long shot.
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More on IsignyAccording to this site: http://www.ancestry.com/search/SurnamePage.aspx?html=b&ln=Disney&sourcecode=13304
Isigny is from the Romano-Gallic personal name Isinius (a Latinized form of Gaulish Isina). I have not been able to trace an etymology for Isina -- a wild guess could be the Goddess Isis, ad with Isidore.
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Oh no... then this Disney man is a real headbraker for us... But again the guess is a good one... So, thanks for the expansion Pavlos; And to Mr.Foglai, indeed, we help each other (I'm helped more often than not) but to me it's must to thank if I've given a good answer fast and in time (when I can)... I can't see why this forum is so friendly but the coutnerpart, Behind the Name's forum is not, there I've been treated like a weird blabbering troll... Well, thanks all, Pavlos, Foglai, M.S. and Sagani.
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