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My last name is Desengo, and no one knows the meaning in my family. It origninally came from Latvia. Maybe someone knows another country where this name is used?
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I have heard of it maybe being Italian, i've also been told it could possibly be a polish name, as the 'o' on the end makes it unlikely it to be originally from Latvia, has anyone heard of anything similar or the same in Poland.
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I have only found Sengo. In italy there is one family in Naples, but Sengo is mainly Brazilian or Portuguese.
It existed in Germany in XIXth century, but now impossibile to find it.
However in Germany you could find SENGE. Probably Sengo was a variant of it.
In Australia I have noticed a certain John Sengo.

Difficult to find. In Italy also DE SENGI, extremely rare.
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As a German name SENGE(R) can have various derivations:

1. Middle High German "senge" ("ripe for cutting") referring to the corn; this would be a name for a farmer

2. German "sengen" ("burn") for someone clearing a forest by burning

3. Middle High German "senger" ("singer", High German "Sänger" with an A umlaut)

Andy ;—)
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Anyone searching might have it easier by searching "sengo" maybe the "de" was earnt either in Italy, France, Spain or such...
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