Can anyone explain me the origin and meaning of this romanian surnames.

Yhank you
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Chivu from Paraschiva...(m)The Romanian surname Chivu is from the Romanian firstname Paraschiva (where Chiva is the diminutive). There is also the surname Paraschivu. Chivulescu means 'son of Chivu' (where Chivu in fact does as well, although literally would mean something like 'of Chivu').

Paraschiva is the Romanian version of the Greek saint name Paraskeve, which means 'preparation'. This saint is probably only popular in the Balkan, especially Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

websites used: (which links Paraskeve with Paraschiva, although i got the idea from another site)
(meaning of Paraskeve)

My Ancient Greek dictionary confirms the meaning of Paraskeve. The actual word is written in Greek:
pi - alfa - rho - alfa - sigma - kappa - epsilon - upsilon - eta
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