Hunting goblins
I've seen there is some serious probability that "goblin" comes from the proper name "Gobel" which has in itself some serious posibility of being akin to that nazi-$%·&# "Goebbels" is just due to this possibility, of this "···" having his surname realted to the word "goblin" which makes me ask about his etymology... If anyone knows I would be pleased to know... (Hope no one gets offended by coincidences; I know people with his surname must not be related to him)
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Now I'm speaking with limited resources as my blood-shot eyes from partying over the Red Sox victory has made my name books difficult to read, but ...

I would guess that goblin is of Celtic origin as opposed to Germanic as Halloween is a holiday that originated with the Celts. 'Gob' to the best I can figure means something like "mouth" or "beak". I am again guessing here, but I think the earliest celebrators of Halloween wore masks to hide themselves from the spirits that came back on that evening. Many of these masks I would imagine were tied to the front of their faces which in turn covered there mouths, hence goblins ... again a bit of an educated guess and I invite anyone to add to this ...

Goebbels ...(since my best German translation site has decided to exclude German) at best guess for me may be a region version of Gerber which means a "tanner" ... maybe?
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