I'm looking for information about the surname Corra. It is Italian, I believe the family originated near the San Marino area of The Boot. It was not originally spelled this way but I am unsure of the original spelling, I believe there may have been an 'i' somewhere. Thank you!
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The name CORRA is an italian regional surname of the region of VENICE.
It is more common near VENICE, especially the city of VICENZA.
The origin is not clear but it could be a variant of CORRA' that comes from Corrado (see Corradi), a name of german origin,in English Conrad.
The surname has been modified, the stress on final has been taken away. Both surnames Corrà and Corra are beared in Venice region.
Anyhow in some cases Corra could be a wrong spelling of Corrà.
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Ceara, ...I've looked, but couldn't find anything very helpful ...judging from your name, I'll throw out a guess...

Judging from what I know about Indo-European names in general, and Celtic names specifically, I'll take a wild guess (since no one else has responded!) that the name is a derivative from a common Indo-European word that ultimately means "dark".

The Irish 'Ciara' and the Spanish 'Sierra', at least in my studies are ultimately related. Although the term has come down to mean in the Spanish form "mountain", it's Irish relative is probably closer to its original meaning .…"dark" or rather more appropriately ...'darkness in the distance' ...

Again ...just an educated guess ...
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