A few more family surnames...
Leney (sometimes splet Leany) Sussex region of England
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Embury, Bryden, Lipscombe... Embury :

The following text is taken from:

[...Embery :
is a variant of the surname Amery which is an English Patronymic name. The name was brought to the British Isles with the Normans, many of whom were referenced by the towns they emigrated from, or by the Norman given names of their fathers. Amery is derived from Old French amal =bravery + ric =power, and derivatives include Amory, Emery, Emary, Emberry, Embrey , and Imbrey , among others....]

Embury is just another variant of Embery and the rest.

Though i have to say:

(from www.behindthename.com:
Gender: Masculine
Usage: Ancient Germanic
Pronounced: A-mal-rik, a-MAL-rik   [key]
Extra Info: Related Names
Options: Contribute Information
Derived from the Germanic elements amal "work, labour" and ric "power". This was the name of two rulers of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th century.)

Those are Germanic elements and not Old French (important difference).

The same site, www.behindthename.com also backs up the meaning of Emery. Search for 'Emory', then click on 'Emery' and then on 'Emeric'. There it says: 'work rule', which is the same basically as Amalric.


According to http://www.northpennineancestors.co.uk/OurSurnamesBl-By.htm:
BRYDON, BRYDEN, BRIDEN. A maker of bridles

But http://www.last-names.net/surname.asp?surname=Britton;Britten;Brittan says:
A native of Britain, the ancient name of England. Several derivations have been given to Britain, such as Brydon or Prydyn, Welsh, the fair tribe, or brave men .

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I have some Irish alternates, but many times the English and Irish names have different origins ...

Leney ...there's a Leaney which means someone from Leinster which comes from one of the earlier groups of Celts to settle Ireland's southeastern region ...they were named for their distinctive spears, the "laigne".

Creed from Ó Críodáin, originally a personal name, Creidne, which means, not surprisingly “a belief”.

Breslin is very numerous in Ireland ...from Ó Breasláin, a Brehon family that were judges.

Embury, I'll just take a guess that it means "industrious or powerful town".

Lipscombe, I'd guess originates from the "edge of a valley"
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