my surname
keen to find out origins and meaning of my surname
it seems unusual and not come across others by it.
My wife seems to believe it has some celctic origins and there may even be a claim to a clan/tartan
she has tried various sites but to no vail, can anyone help or point us in a direction which does not ask for an outlay of vast money with no guarantee of any feedbacl/authencitaty.
or anyone that believes we could be related
cheers for any help in advnce however small or large
Paul and Susan Machin
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An identical surname existsboth in France and Spain: in both countries it comes from a nickname. The spanish variant has a meaning more or less similar to the spanish word "macho"
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According to my names book it's an English occupational name for a stonemason. It comes from the anglo-norman French 'machun' which is a varient of 'masson.' Hope that helps, Lora.
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