full name (all parts) needed for project
I am american indian and african american. if anyone can help please tell me where my names came from and what they mean.'my name is lucille shambria buford

thank you
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Lucille is a familar or diminutive form of Lucy ...meaning light, or bringer of light ...originally from Latin

Shambria looks like a newly created African-American name, likely with pieces of Arabic, possibly an African language such as Swahili and/or Hebrew ...there is an Arabic word, Shama, that means 'lamp' or 'mark' and Simba in Swahili means 'lion' ...but often these names are created for the sound versus the meaning ...

Buford is an English surname that means "ford (river-crossing) by the castle"
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On the first name page from this site, I found this which also might be related:

Usage: Jewish
Means "guardian, protector" in Hebrew.

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Althought I'm usually a data-based guesser...This time I would recomend it... "Shambria" understood as a work of caprice will find itself having a hard time being accepted as such... If we would take it was made from sheer caprice then we could say it means "sh[adowy] [u/a]mbria[=shadow]" and it would feet into a caprice-oriented explanation of it's existance... Caprice is illogical or metalogical and it's products go beyond sense having no actual meaning... I would say that instead it could be an onomatopeya for either a real African word or for the false "condensation" of all African words "known" (or thought to be known) by the author... Which language? Any language could be... even an extinct dialect or mispronounced words (seen the explanation for the names of many plants and animals? say... The kangaroo to say the least)(Just an opinion of course:$) Bye and good luck
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