Surname Cuell
My great nan's maiden surname was Cuell, which I have never come across before. Does anyone know what it could mean or originate from?
I do know that she came from Portsmouth, England, I have searched the 1901 census for the surname, and there are about fifty people in England and Wales at that time named Cuell, and interestingly all come from Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Could this be a clue to the meaning? Thank you
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At a glance this looks French, but a quick check scotched that idea. I suspect that it's another spelling of the surname Kewell. Unfortunately I don't know what that means, but it's another avenue to explore.
As a long shot, I've read of a Welsh surname CULE, though I've never encountered it in the real world. It is said to be from a Welsh word meaning "thin."
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It does sounds Welsh to me... But I would relate it to the Welsh for "pig" as in "Pig's hound" an important heroic character from celtic lore (hope my mind is not getting all messed up)
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Well as you can see my last name is the one you are asking about.. From the things I have found, or at least my Mum has! haha. It is one of the oldest names in the South of England. It is derived from Col and was something to do with a Polish monk or something, going way back to the Domesday book. I have a sheet at home with a whole bunch of info if I remember corectly it means of "swarthy complexion", it includes a coat of arms and the family motto. This is pretty vague as I was just bored at work and looked up my name!
Looking at the string it is a few weeks old if I see a response I can email you a scanned copy of it if you like..
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I would very much like to see the information you have collected. I am currently researching my family tree, and any info that I can gather together can then be sorted.
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hi, just read this message ages later, but yeah that would be great if you could email me this information, it sounds really interesting, thanks!!
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Being a Cuell myself I would be very inerested in the information you have. Would it be possible to have a copy emailed?

Thanks in advance
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Cuill means hazelaccording to my annotations... but I do not remember the soruce... sorry :$
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From my Irish name site ...take your pick ...nothing's exact ...

an apartment where stores are kept, Old Irish cuile fínda, vinaria, *koliâ; Greek @Gkalía, hut, Sanskrit kula@-/ya, hut, nest (Stokes); from *kol-io-, root qel of ceil.

a fly, Irish and Early Irish cuil, Welsh cylion, flies, Cornish kelionen, Breton quelyenen, *kuli-s, kuliâno-s; Latin culex.

feast (in a corner) (Carm.).

a whelp, Irish cuileán (O'Br.), cuileann (O'R.), Early Irish culén, Welsh colwyn, Cornish coloin, catulus, Breton kolenn, young of quadrupeds; Greek @Gkúlla= @Gskúlaz, whelp (Bez.). It may be from cù, *kun, dog. Ernault, *culenos: root of @Gkúos; Middle Breton colen, so D'Arbois. Rhys says Welsh borrowed.

cellar, secret place, treasury; See cuile.
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