Name Element GAUTAZ

Type Word & Element

Meaning & History

Germanic word meaning "a Geat", referring to a member of the North Germanic tribe that lived in Sweden [1].

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Other Languages & Culturesgaut(Frankish) goz(Old High German) gautr(Old Norse)
Given Name DescendantsJocelyn, Joselyn, Joslyn, Jocelin, Josceline, Josslyn(English) Jocelin, Joceline, Jocelyn, Jocelyne, Josselin, Josseline(French) Gautselin, Gozzo(Germanic) Gosse(Medieval French) Gaute(Norwegian) Joscelin(Old Norman) Gauti(Old Norse) Yoselin(Spanish (Latin American)) Göta, Göte(Swedish)
Surname DescendantGosse(French)

Sources & References

  1. Orel, Vladimir. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology. Brill, 2003, page 129.
Entry added December 7, 2022