Name Element KOVATI

Type Word

Meaning & History

Slavic word meaning "to forge".

Related Items

Surname DescendantsKovač, Kovačević, Kovačić(Bosnian) Kovachev(Bulgarian) Kovac, Kovač, Kovačević, Kovačić(Croatian) Kováč, Kovac, Kovář(Czech) Kovách, Kovács, Kováts(Hungarian) Kowalczyk, Kowalski(Polish) Kovac, Kovač, Kovačević, Kovačić(Serbian) Kováč, Kovac(Slovak) Kovač, Kovačevič, Kovačič(Slovene)

Sources & References

  • Derksen, Rick. Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon. Brill, 2008, page 241.
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