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I have also received help from the thousands of people who have frequented this website. I would especially like to thank:

  • Bjoern Fredrik Meyer from Norway for all of the Scandinavian names
  • Costas Skandalis from Athens for the Greek and Latin name corrections
  • Noam Hendren from Israel
  • Hopalong on A.O.L. for the Slavic names
  • Jörg Benscheidt from Germany for all of the variations of George/Jörg
  • L. Mulry Tetlow for the information on Moses
  • Dr. Denis Constales from Belgium for numerous corrections
  • Hormazed Limbuwala for the Persian names
  • Hartmut Haberland from Germany for his thoughts on Catherine and Heidrun
  • Aki Ozawa in Japan for the information on Japanese names
  • Lucjan for the Polish name variants
  • Gilbert B. Cote for the notes on the Greek names
  • Blair Miles for miscellaneous corrections
  • Teuvo for the Finnish names
  • Wlodzimierz for Polish names and Slavic name elements
  • Wolf-Dieter Schubert for more German names than I know what to do with
  • BlessedG for her idea
  • Nina M for random corrections
  • Faith Rudin for her extremely exhaustive lists
  • Anthony Ferry for his thoughts on Irish names
  • Ivanka from Hamburg, Germany for her big list of names
  • Aleksandra for the Polish names and corrections
  • Guido Buldrini for the Italian names
  • Christiana for the huge list of names
  • Vesa Lehtinen for the huge list of Finnish names
  • Pavlos, Nanaea, and Daividh for earning the title OnomaMasters of!
  • Selwyn for the Danish monarchy info, and Selwyn and Phyllis for the Shakespeare info
  • Anna Golitsyna for her notes on Russian names
  • My friend Marta from Barcelona for the info on Spanish and Catalan names
  • Charlotte for the Welsh nature names
  • Nanaea for the Esperanto names
  • Nanaea for the Gothic names for the random name generator
  • Károly Tutajos for many corrections to the Hungarian entries
  • Golsa for the list of Iranian names
  • Eduardo Porcher for many Portuguese and Armenian names
  • Ramona for the list of Romanian names
  • Michaela for the Czech name corrections
  • Hedwig for the Dutch name corrections
  • Elder for his orderly list of missing Portuguese names
  • Vasilica for his complete list of Romanian names
  • Great 1 for lists of Croatian names
  • Zvonimir for various notes on Slavic names
  • Kristján for some Icelandic names
  • Fredrika from Sweden for corrections
  • Berker from Turkey for additions
  • Cro Man for his well-organized list of Croatian names
  • Tomislav for corrections to the Croatian and Serbian names
  • Shingayi for the Shona names
  • Matti from Finland for the list of Finnish names
  • Araceli for the Galician names
  • Bostjan for the fantastic list of Slovenian names
  • Carol from Brazil for the Portuguese names and corrections
  • Kati for the Finnish names
  • Narinoc for the popular Hungarian names
  • Gabor K. for the corrections to the Hungarian names
  • Sugarcubebabe7 for the many Basque names
  • Marjolijn for the Dutch and Frisian names and pronunciations
  • Patrick for the Hungarian name help
  • Riina from Toronto for the Estonian names
  • Miranda, Lala, Chrisell and Mirfak for helping to moderate the message boards!
  • Andy ;~) (with the long nose) for notes and clarifications on various names
  • Ivayla for several emails re Bulgarian names over the years (and for her helpful website)
  • E. MacKenna for the Irish and Welsh names
  • Sissi for the Greenlandic names
  • Blerta for some Albanian names
  • Franc for the scans of the Slovenian name dictionary
  • Erika for the list of Estonian names
  • Maddy for the Japanese names and meanings
  • P. N. Hobma for some missing Dutch and Frisian names
  • Tsukiko Takahashi for the Japanese names
  • Countless users for attaching helpful comments to the names
  • Claudia Segger for help transcribing and explaining ALL the Japanese names!
  • Lucille for filling a good part of the submitted names database, and for the Limburgish names!
  • X-Mar for beta-testing
  • Sanja aka Sofia for the comprehensive lists of Croatian names
  • Goricar for the Croatian name notes
  • Nikki for the Macedonian names
  • Maja for the Serbian name additions
  • Maks for sourcing and compiling several popularity lists
  • The editors of the submitted names database for molding raw data into onomastic gold!