Meaning ACTION

action  >  move(+), sense(+), vocalize(+), abound, abstain, accuse, achieve, adorn, advance, advise, allow, announce, answer, ascend, ask, attack, attract, avenge, awake, be able, be alive, be born, be compassionate, be good, be gracious, be happy, be high, be loved, be quiet, be reborn, be red, be strong, be thankful, become, befriend, beg, beget, begin, behave, belong to, bewitch, bless, bloom, breathe, bring, burn, buy, call, care, carry, catch, cause, cease, celebrate, change, choose, clean, come, command, confuse, congratulate, conquer, console, control, cry, cut, dance, decay, deceive, descend, destroy, dispel, dive, divide, do, dream, drink, dwell, earn, eat, embrace, emerge, enjoy, envy, establish, excel, excite, exist, expect, extend, fear, feel, fight, fill, find, finish, flee, flow, fly, follow, forget, forgive, fulfill, gild, give, give birth, glisten, glow, go, grieve, grind, grow, grumble, guide, harvest, hate, have mercy, have the quality, heal, hear, help, hide, hold, howl, hunger, hunt, imagine, inherit, invoke, join, judge, jump, kill, kiss, last, laugh, lead, learn, liberate, lie, lisp, listen, loosen, love, make, make happy, make strong, meet, need, obey, obtain, open, pacify, paint, persecute, persist, pierce, plant, play, plough, possess, praise, pray, prepare, preserve, prevail, prevent, promise, prosper, protect, pull, pursue, raise, read, reconcile, rejoice, rely, remain, remember, respect, rest, restrain, return, reveal, ride, roar, row, rule, run, save, scatter, search, see, seem, serve, set, shake, share, shout, show favour, sing, sleep, smile, speak, squeeze, stand, stand up, strike, subdue, submit, suffer, summon, support, surpass, swim, take, tame, taste, teach, thank, think, thirst, throw, tie, torture, touch, trade, travel, traverse, trust, turn, understand, unite, urge, use, wait, walk, want, warn, watch, weave, welcome, whisper, whistle, win, work, worship, write

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