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As a writer, I'm always looking for new names. However, I'm very traditional; females=female names, males=male names. I have 3 criteria. 1) I try to discover the character’s heritage; Scottish, Jewish, French, German, or mixed. 2) I look for a good meaning; specific to that character. 3) I try to suit the time or place in which the story is set. An historical novel is more limited to the variation of names from which to choose than a contemporary. If set in Medieval England, the character is less likely to have an international name, unless married to royalty. I try to invent or choose unusual variation names for Science Fiction & Fantasy. In picking a name, there’s no limitation to imagination. Although not yet published, I have 17 different series, as well as nearly 150 individual stories outlined. The number is constantly growing. Someday, I Will have my name in print. Legend 4 names list: C: Contemporary, H: Historical, F:Fantasy, SF:Sci-fi, Sp:Steampunk,

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