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Languages: French, Hindi, UrduFave not yet listed: Nazli (f, Turkish)
Need to add: Sophear (Cambodian)Some of the information I've found on Irish names comes from Daire's wonderful site. Visit it at
For Hawaiian name-meanings, I recommend the Pukui/Elbert dictionary at
For Welsh names, I use (Be sure to read the instructions; thanks to forward lenition, Welsh-Eng. dictionaries operate differently from other dictionaries)Allow the Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church: http://www.womenpriests.orgProud parent of:
Four .s: Aurelius Ilija, Hero Elena, Ianthe Sophia, Aikaterine Mara
Five ~s: Matus Quinn, Thierry Jerome, Oisin Padraig, Gwenaelle Alais, Catriona Nathalie