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Member since   March 28, 2015
Real name Ottilie-Maisie Beatrice Woodley Pawlitski
Location Chicago, U.S.A (Born Berlin, Germany)
Birthday January 1, 1997
Hi! The reason why I joined behind the name is because I'm aiming to become a historian and names are a large part of that as many come from History. I tend to know a lot more about rarer names. I'm originally from Berlin, Germany but I moved to Chicago, U.S.A in 2010.

My name (Ottilie-Maisie) it's self is unusual. It's a combination of the German form of Oldia, Ottilie, and the English Maisie.

Whilst I was born in Germany, my mother is American. Her name before she was married was Kayley Woodley, Woodley being a name you might recognise (if you do you will work out my so called 'claim to fame' because of my cousin)

My sisters name, however, is Zjemah, and we have proven that she is one of two people in the world with that name. Whilst it's original roots are unknown, it has been traced to an ancient civilisation in the Eastern European area.

I live with my cousin, Abnie, in Chicago, us, who my mom adopted around 2 years ago.

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