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Member since October 28, 2015
NameKeano Afif (Known online as Tanor Fa'ux)
LocationLivorno, Italy

Hello folks, my name's Keano. I am much more known as Tanor though online, and to friends. I prefer to be called Tanor, unless yer family. Full name: Tanor Zéta Fa'uxTanor (TAH-ner) is an Arabic name that means Enlighten, the name is close to the Arabic word Tenwer, and the Turkish name Taner. Zéta (ZEE-ey-TAH) is the Greek form of the Oltanian word Seéxa (Zey-ehks-ah or Zey-eh-tah. X's are either silent in the middle of a syllable, pronounced like a T at the beginning of a syllable, or at the end of a syllable as 'ks'.). Seéxa means Six. Fa'ux is an Oltanian last name, that is a reduced form of the Old Oltanian name: Fatohux, which means The Light of the 2nd Star, T'oh. The full name means, The Enlightened of Sixth Family Member from the Light of the 2nd Star, T'oh. T'oh is one of the brightest stars of the Heterusia Constellation. Just almost outshines its older brother Zi, and protostar in the constellation As.

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