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Greetings! I'm a namesnerd, writer and medieval reenactor, an Aussie immigrant to the UK, and part of the NeuroDiverse Squad :)My Punctuation Pets . . .
My 32 adopted !s:
Hermione, Elizabeth, Gabrielle, Tomassyn, Florence, Georgina, Anneliese, Charlotte, Genevieve, Catherine, Philomena, Millicent, Eleanora, Yolande, Theodora, Vivienne, Carmichael, Wilfred, Algernon, Joseph, Terence, Gilbert, Albert, Patrick, Frederick, Walter, Edmund, Norbert, Archibald, Lambert, Gerald and Bertram.
My 10 adopted ~s:
Rosalind, Margaret, Kathleen, Edith Mary, Esther, Percy, Rupert, Benjamin, Richard and Ronald.
My 14 adopted ?s:
Lucia, Petra, Teodora, Concepción, Mariana, Jacinta, Zarita, Quentin, Estéban, Tomás, Miguel, Adán, Fernando and Salvator.
My 6 adopted /s:
Sigrid, Astrid, Helga, Konrad, Harald and Johan.
My adopted ...:
Katherine "Kate", Dorothy "Dot" and Celestia "Tia".
My 6 adopted &s:
Aethelflaed, Aelfgifu, Aethelfryd, Aelfwine, Aethelstan and Aedelmaer.

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