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Hey there. I've been a fan of names for as long as I can remember. I still love the Encyclopedia Brown books, and of course, to anyone else who does, we all like the name Leroy. So, I usually tend to like names that have a more classic and/or timeless vibe to them. I especially like them if they're unique too. I've never really liked too many modern names, but something might surprise me someday. See ya.

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GOODFRIEND     English
Nickname for a reliable friend or neighbor, from Middle English gode meaning "good", and frend meaning "friend". It is an English translation and cognate of German Gutfreund, from Middle High German guot meaning "good" and vriunt meaning "friend".
MOST     Polish, Jewish
Topographic name from Slavic most meaning "bridge", or a habitational name from any of several places named with this word.
MOST     Dutch
Topographic name for someone who lived in a place where moss grew.

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Franz is the name of the youngest son in The Swiss Family Robinson.
This is a very uncommon name. I like that it has a quirky charm to it, and I think it can be a name that someone makes their own. Since it's a boy's name, one drawback is that it does rhyme with Nancy. But despite that I think it has a nice, cheerful feel to it, and can work at least as a middle name, if not a first name. This is Doug Funnie's middle name from the Doug cartoon, although he spells it "Yancey".
I'm quite fond of this name. It reminds me of Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. It's very classic and I think that it fits all ages. It has a warm and strong sound to it, and I think it's a great name that'll never be out of style. Lots of nickname choices too.


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