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FENRIK   m   English
Refers to the rank of ‘Second Lieutenant’ in the Norwegian military.
EVONI   f   English
DEAKIN     English

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My name is Deanne and I love it. It’s unique and unusual and I’ve only ever heard of a few people with the same name, which as far I’m concerned is a big PLUS. The only problem I have sometimes is mispronunciations- teachers at school were the worst for this actually. I used to get called, ‘Dean’ ‘Deana’, ‘Diana’, ‘Deanna’, ‘Diane’ etc. I used to get called ‘Dean’ the most though. My guess is people used to just see the first 4 letters and then didn’t bother with the rest. People don’t usually get it wrong these days but I think a different spelling could have saved me a lot of hassle back then. ‘Dee-anne’, DeAnne’, DeeAnne’, ‘Dee-Anne’ or ‘Deeanne’ are some of the spelling variations I would have preferred.