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Member since   May 26, 2006
Real name Charlotte
Birthday December 10
My mother has forbidden me from visiting the message board so you won't be seeing me around there anymore. And no, I was not banned -- you can ask any moderator yourself.

About me: I'm in high school and I am a bit of a glossophile. I have no tolerance for people who are jut mean. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love very much and who loves me back very much, and we've been dating for almost a year now. I once was an atheist... but now I've come to a different understanding of things.

What I can offer: constructive criticism, lots of Romanian given names and even more surnames, avatars (yes I'm still doing requests, and I have Photoshop now :D)

I'd love info on: grammar/prn. of ANY language. I can learn the vocab myself if I know the grammar !