Charles Bennett   (m)   1870-1950  
Olympic Medalists   1900   1500 m; 4000 m steeplechase; 5000 m team   (gold/silver)
R. B. Bennett   (m)   1870-1947  
Canadian Prime Ministers   1930-1935
Basil Bennett   (m)   1894-1938  
Olympic Medalists   1920   hammer throw   (bronze)
Herman Brix   (a.k.a. Bennett)   (m)   1906-2007  
Olympic Medalists   1928   shot put   (silver)
Rainey Bennett   (m)   1907-1998  
Notable Artists
Robert Bennett   (m)   1919-1974  
Olympic Medalists   1948   hammer throw   (bronze)
Tony Bennett   (m)   1926-  
Grammy Award Winners   1963; 1995   I Left My Heart in San Francisco; MTV Unplugged   (record of the year/album of the year)
Notable Musicians  
John Bennett   (m)   1930-  
Olympic Medalists   1956   long jump   (silver)
Robert Earl Bennett   (m)   1943-  
Olympic Medalists   1960; 1964   swimming - 100 m backstroke; swimming - 200 m backstroke   (bronze)
Hywel Bennett   (m)   1944-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Todd Bennett   (m)   1962-2013  
Olympic Medalists   1984   4x400 m relay   (silver)
Manu Bennett   (m)   1969-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Brooke Bennett   (f)   1980-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000   swimming - 800 m freestyle; swimming - 400 m freestyle   (gold)
Declan Bennett   (m)   1981-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Notable Musicians  
Hamish Bennett   (m)   1987-  
Notable Athletes   (cricket)
Martellus Bennett   (m)   1987-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Mark Bennett   (m)   1993-  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Chance the Rapper   (a.k.a. Bennett)   (m)   1993-  
Grammy Award Winners   2017     (best new artist)
Notable Musicians   hip hop
Kirsten Bennett   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1994   Party of Five
Victor Bennett   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1998   Charmed