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Meaning & History

Bordzilovsky is formed from a nickname. It most likely goes back to the name of the village of Bordzily, located in the Chaussky district of the Mogilev region of Belarus. It is likely that the founder of the Bordzilovsky family was a native of this locality. According to another hypothesis, the surname Bordzilovsky originates from the nickname Bordzilo. Presumably, it comes from the Prussian word bordus, which translates as "beard". In this case, the nickname could indicate the features of a person's appearance: perhaps the ancestor of the owner of the surname Bordzilovsky wore a beard. It should be noted that the pronunciation of "dz" in place of the original "d" is characteristic of the Belarusian language (dzekanye). The borrowing of the Baltic basis could have occurred during the existence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
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