John Ainsworth-Davis   (m)   1895-1976  
Olympic Medalists   1920   4x400 m relay   (gold)
Akeem Davis   (m)   1989-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Al Davis   (m)   1929-2011  
Hall-of-Famers   1992   (football)
Anthony Davis   (m)   1993-  
Notable Athletes   (basketball)
Olympic Medalists   2012   basketball   (gold)
Bette Davis   (f)   1908-1989  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1935; 1938   Dangerous; Jezebel   (actress)
Title Characters   1981   Bette Davis Eyes   (song)
Brad Davis   (m)   1981-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Brody Davis   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1999   Roswell
Calvin Davis   (m)   1972-  
Olympic Medalists   1996   400 m hurdles   (bronze)
Cameron Davis   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1965   Days of Our Lives
Charles Michael Davis   (m)   1984-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Chelsea Davis   (f)   1992-  
Notable Athletes   (gymnastics)
Clarissa Davis   (f)   1967-  
Olympic Medalists   1992   basketball   (bronze)
Daniel Davis   (m)   1945-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
DeMario Davis   (m)   1989-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Geena Davis   (f)   1956-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   1988   The Accidental Tourist   (actress)
George Davis   (m)   1870-1940  
Hall-of-Famers   1998   (baseball)
Notable Athletes   (baseball)
Geremy Davis   (m)   1992-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Glenn Davis   (m)   1934-2009  
Olympic Medalists   1956; 1960   400 m hurdles; 4x400 m relay   (gold)
Harold L. Davis   (m)   1894-1960  
Pulitzer Award Winners   1936   Honey in the Horn
Howard Davis   (m)   1967-  
Olympic Medalists   1988   4x400 m relay   (silver)
Jack Davis   (m)   1930-2012  
Olympic Medalists   1952; 1956   110 m hurdles   (silver)
Jessica Davis   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Books   2007   Thirteen Reasons Why
Fictional Characters from Television   2017   13 Reasons Why
Josh Davis   (m)   1972-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay; swimming - 4x200 m freestyle relay   (gold/silver)
Josie Davis   (f)   1973-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Judy Davis   (f)   1955-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Julienne Davis   (f)   1973-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Keith Davis   (m)   1930-2019  
Notable Athletes   (rugby)
Kenneth Davis   (m)   1948-  
Olympic Medalists   1972   basketball   (silver)
Knile Davis   (m)   1991-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Kristin Davis   (f)   1965-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Lauren Davis   (f)   1993-  
Notable Athletes   (tennis)
Meryl Davis   (f)   1987-  
Notable Athletes   (skating)
Olympic Medalists   2010; 2014   figure skating   (silver/bronze/gold)
Miles Davis   (m)   1926-1991  
Notable Musicians   jazz
Nicole Davis   (f)   1982-  
Olympic Medalists   2008; 2012   volleyball   (silver)
Ossie Davis   (m)   1917-2005  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Otis Davis   (m)   1932-  
Olympic Medalists   1960   400 m; 4x400 m relay   (gold)
Pauline Davis-Thompson   (f)   1966-  
Olympic Medalists   1996; 2000   4x100 m relay; 200 m   (silver/gold)
Raymond Davis Jr.   (m)   1914-2006  
Nobel Prize Winners   2002   (physics)
Shani Davis   (m)   1982-  
Olympic Medalists   2006; 2010   speed skating   (gold/silver)
Steven Davis   (m)   1985-  
Notable Athletes   (soccer)
Terrell Davis   (m)   1972-  
Hall-of-Famers   2017   (football)
Most Valuable Players   1998   football
Notable Athletes   (football)
Tyrell Davis   (m)   1902-1970  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Victor Davis   (m)   1964-1989  
Olympic Medalists   1984; 1988   swimming - 100 m breaststroke; swimming - 200 m breaststroke; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (gold/silver)
Viola Davis   (f)   1965-  
Emmy Award Winners   2015   How to Get Away with Murder   (actress)
Notable Actors and Actresses
Oscar Award Winners   2016   Fences   (actress)
Vontae Davis   (m)   1988-  
Notable Athletes   (football)
Walt Davis   (m)   1931-  
Olympic Medalists   1952   high jump   (gold)
Walter Davis   (m)   1954-  
Olympic Medalists   1976   basketball   (gold)
Warwick Davis   (m)   1970-  
Notable Actors and Actresses
Willie Davis   (m)   1934-2020  
Hall-of-Famers   1981   (football)
Notable Athletes   (football)
Katherine Mayfair   (a.k.a. Davis)   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   2004   Desperate Housewives
Benjamin Walker   (a.k.a. Davis)   (m)   1982-  
Notable Actors and Actresses