Henry Higgins   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals   1912; 1956   Pygmalion; My Fair Lady
Jack Higgins   (m)   1929-2022  
Notable Writers
Jarad "Juice Wrld" Higgins   (m)   1998-2019  
Notable Musicians
John Michael Higgins   (m)   1963-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor/comedian)
John Higgins   (m)   1975-  
Notable Athletes   (billiards)
Jonathan Higgins   (m)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1980   Magnum, P.I.
Mary Higgins Clark   (f)   1927-2020  
Notable Writers
Michael D. Higgins   (m)   1941-  
Irish Presidents and Prime Ministers   2011-   (president)
Peter Higgins   (m)   1601-1642  
Peter Higgins   (m)   1928-1993  
Olympic Medalists   1956   4x400 m relay   (bronze)
Yvette Higgins   (f)   1978-  
Olympic Medalists   2000   water polo   (gold)