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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword large.
De Groot Dutch
From Dutch groot meaning "big, great".
Grant English, Scottish
Derived from Norman French meaning "grand, tall, large, great".
Groos German
Variant of Groß.
Gros French
Means "thick, fat, big" in French, from Late Latin grossus, possibly of Germanic origin.
Gross German
Variant of Groß.
Groß German
From Old High German groz meaning "tall, big".
Große German
Variant of Groß.
Grosse German
Variant of Groß.
Größel German
Variant of Groß, used in southern Germany.
Großel German
Variant of Groß, used in southern Germany.
Großer German
Variant of Groß.
Grosser German
Variant of Groß.
Grossi Italian
Italian cognate of Gros.
Grosso Italian
Italian cognate of Gros.
Gully English
Nickname for a big person, from Middle English golias meaning "giant" (ultimately from Goliath, the Philistine warrior who was slain by David in the Old Testament).
Legrand French
Means "the tall, the large" in French.
Megalos Greek
From Greek μεγάλος (megalos) meaning "big, great".
Mitchell 2 English
Originally a nickname for a large person, from Old English micel "big".
Nagy Hungarian
From a nickname meaning "big, great" in Hungarian, referring to one's characteristics. This is the most common Hungarian surname.
Ōshiro Japanese
From Japanese (ō) meaning "big, great" and (shiro) meaning "castle".
Reese 2 Low German
Low German cognate of Riese.
Riese German, Jewish
Means "giant" in German, from Old High German risi.
Sala Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian
Occupational name for a worker at a manor house, from the Romance word sala meaning "hall, large room", of Germanic origin.
Trevor Welsh
Originally from the name of various Welsh towns meaning "big village", derived from Middle Welsh tref "village" and maur "large".