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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is October; and the birth day is 14
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Przemysł II1257-1296Polish High Dukes and Kings
Akbar I the Great1542-1605Indian Sultans and Emperors
James II1633-1701English and British Kings and Queens, Scottish Kings and Queens
Bahadur Shah I1643-1712Indian Sultans and Emperors
George Grenville1712-1770British Prime Ministers
Fernando VII1784-1833Spanish Kings and Queens
Carl Christoffer Georg Andræ1812-1893Danish Prime Ministers
Reginald Doherty1872-1910Olympic Medalists
Momčilo Tapavica1872-1949Olympic Medalists
Ray Ewry1873-1937Olympic Medalists
Éamon de Valera1882-1975Other Leaders
Dwight D. Eisenhower1890-1969American Presidents
Engelbert Dollfuss1892-1934Austrian Chancellors and Presidents
Lillian Gish1893-1993Notable Actors and Actresses
Heinrich Lübke1894-1972German Chancellors and Presidents
Oscar Charleston1896-1954Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Katsuo Takaishi1906-1966Olympic Medalists
John Wooden1910-2010Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Đức Thọ1911-1990Nobel Prize Winners
Patsy Guzzo1914-1993Olympic Medalists
Raymond Davis Jr.1914-2006Nobel Prize Winners
Iggie Wolfington1919-2004Notable Actors and Actresses
Willy Alberti1926-1985Notable Musicians
Roger Moore1927-2017Notable Actors and Actresses
Farah Pahlavi1938-Other Royalty
Ralph Lauren1939-Notable Artists
Eckehard Pietzsch1939-Olympic Medalists
Serghei Covaliov1944-2011Olympic Medalists
Udo Kier1944-Notable Actors and Actresses
Paul Witteman1946-Notable Hosts and Presenters
Charlie Joiner1947-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Kate Grenville1950-Notable Writers
Asim Brkan1954-Notable Musicians
Roxanne Pierce1954-Notable Athletes
Richard Wagamese1955-2017Notable Writers
Mirando Mrsić1959-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Stephen Cram1960-Olympic Medalists
Trevor Goddard1962-2003Notable Actors and Actresses
Steve Coogan1965-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jyrki Katainen1971-Finnish Presidents and Prime Ministers
Tillakaratne Dilshan1976-Notable Athletes
Asier Maeztu1977-Olympic Medalists
Violetta Oblinger-Peters1977-Olympic Medalists
Usher1978-Notable Musicians
Cansu Dere1980-Notable Actors and Actresses
Ben Whishaw1980-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jonelle Price1980-Olympic Medalists
Gautam Gambhir1981-Notable Athletes
Benh Zeitlin1982-Notable Filmmakers
Marc Ryan1982-Olympic Medalists
Lin Dan1983-Olympic Medalists
Betty Heidler1983-Olympic Medalists
Jaime Espinal1984-Olympic Medalists
Vitaly Fridzon1985-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Henrique1986-Notable Athletes
Azusa Iwashimizu1986-Olympic Medalists
MacKenzie Mauzy1988-Notable Actors and Actresses
Alejandra "Arca" Ghersi1989-Notable Musicians
Shaan Masood1989-Notable Athletes
Mia Wasikowska1989-Notable Actors and Actresses
Ahmed Musa1992-Notable Athletes
Kamau Leverock1994-Notable Athletes
Steijn Schothorst1994-Notable Athletes
Vasil Lobzhanidze1996-Notable Athletes