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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is October; and the birth day is 18
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István V1239-1272Hungarian Kings and Queens
Pius II1405-1464Bishops of Rome and the Popes
Anna1523-1596Polish High Dukes and Kings
Heinrich Schütz1585-1672Notable Musicians
Candy Cummings1848-1924Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Henri Bergson1859-1941Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Major Ritchie1870-1955Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Ivanoe Bonomi1873-1951Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Hugo Goetz1884-1972Olympic Medalists
Sidney Holland1893-1961New Zealand Prime Ministers
Ferdo Kozak1894-1957Notable Writers
Harold L. Davis1894-1960Pulitzer Award Winners
Lina Radke1903-1983Olympic Medalists
Adriaan Maas1907-1996Olympic Medalists
Konstantinos Mitsotakis1918-Greek Prime Ministers
Pierre Elliott Trudeau1919-2000Canadian Prime Ministers
Ramiz Alia1925-2011Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Klaus Kinski1926-1991Notable Actors and Actresses
Chuck Berry1926-2017Notable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
George C. Scott1927-1999Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Svetozar Stojanović1931-2010Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Vytautas Landsbergis1932-Lithuanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Forrest Gregg1933-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Lee Harvey Oswald1939-1963Notable Evildoers
Mike Ditka1939-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Győző Kulcsár1940-Olympic Medalists
Andrej Bajuk1943-2011Other Leaders
Vasilijus Matuševas1945-1989Olympic Medalists
Howard Shore1946-Notable Musicians
Om Puri1950-2017Notable Actors and Actresses
Klaus Auhuber1951-Olympic Medalists
Rita Verdonk1955-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Martina Navratilova1956-Notable Athletes
Alan Willey1956-Notable Athletes
Hrant Bagratyan1958-Other Leaders
Ernesto Canto Gudiño1959-Olympic Medalists
Jean-Claude Van Damme1960-Notable Actors and Actresses
Marcus Mattioli1960-Olympic Medalists
Craig Mello1960-Nobel Prize Winners
Lisa Chappell1968-Notable Actors and Actresses
Paul Palmer1974-Olympic Medalists
Veronica Brenner1974-Olympic Medalists
Maria Prytz1976-Olympic Medalists
Jang Song-ho1977-Olympic Medalists
Aimée of Orange-Nassau1977-Other Royalty
Gloria Garayua1978-Notable Actors and Actresses
Shaffer "Ne-Yo" Smith1979-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Kerry Weiland1980-Olympic Medalists
Anthony Perenise1982-Notable Athletes
Maxim Vylegzhanin1982-Olympic Medalists
Dante1983-Notable Athletes
Émilie Gomis1983-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Freida Pinto1984-Notable Actors and Actresses
Annekatrin Thiele1984-Olympic Medalists
Esperanza Spalding1984-Grammy Award Winners
Robert Harting1984-Olympic Medalists
Yoenis Céspedes1985-Notable Athletes
Zac Efron1987-Notable Actors and Actresses
Anton Peikrishvili1987-Notable Athletes
Olesya Povh1987-Olympic Medalists
Efe Ambrose1988-Notable Athletes
Ingvar Jónsson1989-Notable Athletes
Rabah Slimani1989-Notable Athletes
Daniel Opare1990-Notable Athletes
Tyler Posey1991-Notable Actors and Actresses
Toby Regbo1991-Notable Actors and Actresses
Ed Reynolds1991-Notable Athletes
Joanna Vanderham1991-Notable Actors and Actresses